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We deliver dynamic and expertise-driven communications and strategy for your organization, company or initiative adapting your message for a range of audiences from public to academic including writing, editing and content-creation.

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As experienced experts in the fields of sustainability science, the environment and education, part of our mission is spreading awareness, supporting research efforts and fostering a love of the environment, people and our planet.

Our clients range from grassroots startups through to multinational institutions, NGOs and charities.

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Agriculture is the lifeblood of Uganda’s economy. It employs 70% of the population and contributes a quarter of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). But while Uganda possesses abundant freshwater resources, a lack of water infrastructure and increasingly erratic rainfall due to climate change are just two of the challenges faced by its farmers.

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The Micro-scale Irrigation Program supports farmers to purchase and use individual irrigation equipment. The Program supports farmers in purchasing the irrigation equipment through a matching grant scheme, in which the cost of the equipment is co-financed by the farmer and the government.

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NNUH Digital Health aims to provide the highest degree of IT services and support to Trust staff and the Trust’s partners and commissioners. These services aim to help ensure that the best patient care is always available and that staff productivity is maintained at the highest level.

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